Spell to Make your Lover Regret Leaving You

Spell to make your lover regret leaving you
Spell to make your lover regret leaving you

Did your ex boyfriend abandon you? Does he seem not to care about you? Did he move on with his life while you are still stuck and miserable with your life?  Am sure you don’t like to keep the feeling like that.

If any of these musings applies to you, this spell to make your lover regret leaving you with white enchantment will make him to think about you all the time and to regret leaving you. His mind will be tormented with guilt. He or she will feel so terrible for all that has made to you that will do anything possible to get into your life.

This is an intense spell of white magic yet should be utilized only when it is necessary. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t take any magic practices lightly.

Spell to make your lover regret leaving you

  • You will need the accompanying for this spell:
  • Name (on paper) or the photo of the victim
  • A candle
  • Loathe

Light the candle and leave it burning. The candle should be red or black. In the event that you don’t have those colors, utilize a white candle.

Gaze at the fire, holding the photo of the individual or the paper with his name, in your hand.

More data on candle spells: spells with candles: presentation and guide

At that point, sing the accompanying mantra four times:
“I call upon the Queen’s bitterness.

So you feel regret from tomorrow.

No one will hear you shout now,

As it attacks you the hardship.

All the detestable that you’ve caused,

In your body, you will be reflected”.
Now support the photo/name and let trickle candle wax cover the paper totally. Take this opportunity to think about the harm that your ex did to you and why are you doing it now.

When it’s finished, as an extra piece of this spell to make your lover regret leaving you, you can do one of the accompanying customs to create the outcome you need:

  • Rituals to offer bad dreams to your ex:
  • Put the outcome paper or photo shrouded with wax in a dim room, for example, a cellar or basement.
  • Ritual to give guilt and bitterness to you ex:

Compose the word “regret” on  a paper, 50 times, wrapping around the photo with wax and tie it with string, then toss it into a lake or some place with water. If you can’t go to a place this way, just bury it.

Ritual to make your ex-boyfriend be afraid of you:

Do this on the off chance that you are super annoyed really. Just take the photo or paper with wax, get a little campfire, pull the paper there and keeping in mind that the flame burns, put on the fire with your outrage and contempt.

Ritual to make him feel lost (emotionally):

Go to a place high, for example, a slope or bluff. Or, on the other hand do it on an very breezy day. Toss paper or photo secured with wax, and let the breeze take it away.
Here finishes this spell for apologize. Keep reading  this site to find substantially more hand crafted love spells and white enchantment formulas that you can make free, simple and powerful.
This spell to make your lover regret leaving you shows itself gradually over some stretch of time, and with every day that passes, the torment turns out to be more intense. Keep in mind, the main and most ideal way that he or she can stop this torment is coming back to you.