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“Hello Mama Anne

Me and my husband are now back together and so madly in love.

I’ll be open with you I thought after purchasing your ‘get your ex back spell’ service that they would be of no use to me, how wrong was I.

To be sincere it just felt so good l to be this way so many many thanks to you because without you it would have been hard for me to get my husband back in my arms. So any time you are in London,please don’t hesitate to contact me because I would like to take you out for a coffee.

Thank you.

You don’t realise how much you have helped me I am eternally grateful thanks again from the happiest man in Liverpool Matty”

Hi Mama Anne

I got my ex back after the two wee ks you gave me! I don’t how you did it, but it really worked for me and it wasn’t a hustle like the way I expected it to be.

I almost believed what people say that once a woman broke up with you that is it but today, things are now cool between me and my girlfriend and we are now planning on moving in together, so many thanks to you for the powerful sympathetic magic spell that you cast .



“Hey Mama Anne! I just wanted to say a quick thank you!

You are really an amazing pyschic!

My ex dumped me 2 months ago and i was turned feeling turned inside out when she said doesn’t want to anything to do with me anymore.

I looked for anything that could help until i found your win back your ex spell system.

Hey that stuff is just amazing you literally did an incredible job.

I followed all the instructions all the instructions that you gave and am happy to have met you.

Right now we are at that point where she feels so happy being with me and now i am dating with her again

All in all i just really wanted to say thank you buddy to being here and helping a thousand of people out with your stuff.

Keep up the good job. Regards, R”